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McMinnville Noon Kiwanis Scholarship 2013

            Every year the McMinnville Kiwanis Club rewards multiple students for their hard work in High School with scholarships to help them with the ever-increasing expenses of attending college.  The scholarships are given to those students who show their hard work through grades and achievements as well as in participation in activities and community service. 
            Last year, McMinnville Kiwanis Club awarded $14,000 in scholarships to deserving students.  This year, we plan to award $15,000 to graduates that will be attending their first year of college in Fall 2013. 
            The McMinnville Kiwanis Club also has the option of awarding second-year scholarships to select recipients of the first-year scholarship.  If the board determines that second-year scholarships will be awarded, a seperate application process will be conducted.

Eligibility:  The McMinnville Kiwanis Scholarship is available to all graduating seniors from McMinnville High School who will be a full-time student attending any accredited college or university in the upcoming school year. 

Scholarships Awarded:  This year the McMinnville Kiwanis Club will be awarding 7 scholarships, broken down as follows:

2 - $3,000 scholarships
3 - $2,000 scholarships
2 - $1,500 scholarships

Three “General Scholarships” will be awarded to the students which grade the highest based on the Scholarship Criteria (listed below); one of the $2,000 scholarships, and both $1,500 scholarships.  The four remaining scholarships will be awarded to students who have the most need and/or would not otherwise be able to attend college, while still satisfying the required criteria (below).

Criteria:  Scholarships will be awarded based on the following weighted criteria:

                 Three General                                                                Four Need-Based
                        25%                                 Academics                             20%
                        25%                           Community Service                     10%
                        25%                       Extra-curricular activities               15%
                        n/a                                 Financial Need                         35%
                        25%                                  Interview                               20%


Application Process:  Fill out the attached application form as thoroughly and accurately as possible and submit to your advisor. After review of all applications, we will contact those applicants who meet the criteria to set up an interview. Applications are due to the counseling office by Monday April 15, 2013.

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