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Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship committee awards college scholarships to deserving seniors at MHS who have proved through their hard work in high school that they are likely to excel at the next level of their education.

Kiwanis awards 7 scholarships on a yearly basis of varying amounts including the Marv Norman Memorial scholarship funded by a generous contribution from Marv’s widow Esther Norman . Four of these are more heavily based on financial need while three are available generally to any student regardless of their level of financial need. The committee reviews all the applications it receives, interviews selected candidates and awards the scholarships at a Scholarship Luncheon hosted by the club. At this luncheon we also get the privilege of recognizing students for academic awards from their high school faculty. This event is attended by Kiwanians, the students receiving academic and scholarship awards, selected members of the High School counseling and administration and parents of the students being recognized.

Students + Supplies = Success

The Students + Supplies = Success committee gets together the first of August to deliver collection boxes and informational flyers to many of the area financial institutions.

During the month, people bring in all sorts of school supplies, including paper, pencils, crayons, scissors, backpacks, etc. We get together again at the end of the month to sort and distribute to the elementary schools with the greatest need. Our club also budgets funds from the Foundation to purchase supplies to supplement what is collected. Staples also helped out by collecting items and listing our club as the beneficiary of their special collection and we received a Staples gift card for approximately $200.00. Last year, in addition to basic supplies, we purchased 250 heavy duty notebooks, flash drives and calculators for both middle schools and were able to fill the supply list for foster children in McMinnville through a referral from Catholic Community Services. After the supply drive was completed, we delivered a plate of cookies to the financial institutions as a thank-you for allowing the collections boxes in their places of business.  

CCircle K

Circle K is an off-shoot of Kiwanis for college students. The club does fundraising and service projects as a way of giving back to the community. McMinnville Noon Kiwanis’ Circle K chapter is based at Linfield College.

The following Circle K Members attended DCON (District's Circle K Convention):

Jenny Zu: Outgoing District Secretary
Samantha Javier: Outgoing District Bulletin Editor
Stephanie Stovall: Doernbecker District Project Representative
Krystal Lum: Outgoing Lieutenant Governor of Cascade Range
Josh Harper: Vice President
Katharine Holm: Treasurer
Chelsea Ploof: Secretary
Laura Cimolino, Circle K Member
Andra Kovacs, Circle K Member

Linfield Circle K Students were among the most represented in attendance at this year's DCON.  It was reported to be a good resource for sharing ideas, especially about fundraising along with networking, as well as a good experience to add to students’ resumes.

A few students will come to give us a report at one of our Noon Meetings. They have several projects in the works, including a benefit concert – look for more information in the upcoming Quarterly Newsletters.

Juliette’s House Safe Kids Fair

Safe Kids Fair is a fun informational fair the Kiwanis organizes in conjunction with Circle K each year. At the fair, the club puts up a table to pass out crafts and favors. We also provide free bicycle helmets and information about how to keep kids safe.

We are in full swing in preparation for the Safe Kids Fair!  We were able to set up an approximate time for the brochure stuffing 'party' which will be held the first week of April. Due to the later date and time of the event, this works out the best for all the students.  We lucked out this year! March is vey pressured due to Spring Break and finals, so 'yay' to this year's stuffing party being a hit.

Helmets ordered and delivered, payments being processed, inventory taken (much easier with help from Ann this year for me) and we delivered the end results to Circle K.  Those in attendance at the meeting who helped at the last event suggested the masks, fans and hand puppets which were very popular with all ages.

Students will make sure to be at the set up for the event this year so they have time to sort out the prizes for the tables and they will take inventory at the end of the day.  A separate sign-up sheet will be used this year for their time and duties, which has not been done in the past.

Bids for Kids Auction

The yearly auction is the McMinnville Noon Kiwanis’ biggest fundraising effort.

A meeting will be scheduled sometime in the next few weeks to get started planning the Best Auction Ever, take 4!  A date for the event will be set soon.  We do need a volunteer to coordinate procurement of wine for the evening of the event in addition to the wine to be auctioned.  If anyone is interested in volunteering for this important role, please let Rene’ know.  If you are interested in volunteering to help with the auction, please let Rene’, Jen or Karin know!

Community Service Committee

The Community Service Committee contributes to and gives back to McMinnville with hands-on service projects, partnering with other charity organization and donating funds to those in need.

The Community Service Committee recently helped cook and serve breakfast for Community Compassion for the first time in February. It was a very successful event, and we plan to make it a quarterly staple of the club.

Upcoming projects include passing out Pinwheels for Child Abuse Prevention, helping out with the Safe Kids Fair through Juliette’s House, and a Relay for Life Team and breakfast this June.

One of the biggest projects the committee takes on once a year is gift giving to needy families in December. Next year, the committee hopes to adopt an entire shelter for Christmas!


Human And Spiritual Values

The committee for Human & Spiritual Values provides the Invocation during weekly meetings where we alternate members to give motivational and thankful words to its members and guests.

Kiwanis is an organization which accepts and invites ALL people of whatever faith, religion or creed, to join in our efforts making a better world for our children to live and grow.  As our community becomes more diverse in race, religion, politics, jobs and so on, we continue to adapt and grow.  Combining all of this, we can use Prayer Week in May to give us that opportunity.

During our chosen week in May, we have the chance to engage in a variety of ways to express this.  We may invite people from a variety of faiths from our community to provide the invocation during our program.  We can take time to recognize all the organizations and charities that Kiwanis support by inviting the heads of local programs to talk about the results shown by our charitable giving.  We also can invite pastors of all churches in the area for a prayer luncheon.  Finding an inspirational speaker and/or have spiritual music for that event is our goal and if our members have suggestions, please email our Committee Chair, Jim Ragsdale.


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